Car XC Trips

Car XC Trips are overnight trips for cross-country skiing, where participants carpool to the location (vs. bus trips). While lots of good skiing is within reach of a day trip in a good snow year, sometimes the best snow requires a bit more driving and an overnight stay. The Club usually runs at least one pre-scheduled overnight (or multi-night) car trip each year. Recently, we have made annual trips to Silverton, Colorado to celebrate New Year’s in the mountains. We have also had frequent trips to Chama and Red River, NM. These are both great locations for beginning and seasoned cross-country skiers. Pre-scheduled car trips are advertised on the website calendar, in the newsletter, and at club meetings.

Plan a Trip!

Any club member can organize an overnight car trip. Anyone planning an overnight ski trip who would like to include other club members may contact the Car Trip Chair at and request assistance with organizing and publicizing the trip.

Sign Up

Notices of trips are sent to all club members by group email. Instructions for signing up are included with the notice, and will require contacting the Trip Leader for further information about the details of the trip. All trips scheduled through the scheduler will be listed in the web Calendar.

(At Left, Imperial Hotel, Silverton, CO.)

Lodging & Carpooling

Lodging is in motels near the ski locations.  Leaders may arrange for a specific hotel or motel for the group, but members generally make their own hotel reservations. Motels may include double rooms or suites that hold half a dozen people. Leaders usually help coordinate room-sharing by providing a list of those seeking roommates, who may then contact one another. A pot-luck dinner or group dinner reservations are common one evening. Carpooling is highly encouraged, and club cost-sharing rates apply for carpool passengers.


Costs include motels, meals, and travel at a rate per mile established by the club Executive Board.


The car trips are open to club members and guests, with the agreement of the trip organizer.  Participants should review the Ski Tour Ratings document below to ensure they are able to keep up with any tour they are interested in.

Trip Documents