Trail Maintenance

The ski club participates in the Adopt-A-Trail Programs (AAT) in the Sandia and Jemez Ranger Districts. A few times each year, generally in the summer and fall, the Trails Chair announces work outings via the Club e-mail group. Members and guests hike trails, remove fallen trees, prune branches, cut brush, and replace blue plastic diamonds that have fallen from the trees. The volunteers use personal tools and club tools such as pole saws, bow saws, and long-handle loppers. Several club members are U.S. Forest Service-certified chainsaw and crosscut saw operators.

In the Sandia Mountains, club volunteers work with the Friends of the Sandia Mountains (FOSM), to maintain the ski trails that are also used for hiking and mountain biking during the summer. Some of these trails are Switchback, Rocky Point, Gravel Pit, Survey, and Challenge trails. On the Jemez Ranger District, club volunteers maintain Corral Canyon, Calzada, Peralta-Paliza, Ladera, and Elk Ridge trails. In the Valles Caldera National Preserve, the club has worked on trails in the Coyote Call Area and on South Mountain.

Join the Volunteers

Trail maintenance outings are very rewarding in that the volunteers make the trails safer and more enjoyable for club members and the public. It is also an opportunity to meet other club members, become familiar with the routes before ski season, and enjoy our New Mexico mountains during the warmer months.

If you are interested in helping with trail maintenance, contact the Trails Chair at

Report Trees Down on Trails

When you find trees down on ski trails or hiking trails, please report them to the Trails Chair at Please include the following in your report: mountain range (Sandia or Jemez Mountains), trail name, approximate location along trail, and tree diameter. It is also helpful to know if the down tree is completely blocking the trail and if there is a path around the tree. Sam maintains a table with information about trees across trails so that either individual volunteers or volunteer crews can remove the down trees. Thank You.